The table base features 5 boxes as before in a staggered formation, featuring a aluminium sub-frame pop-riveted together to form a strong but lightweight structure. Extruded pins hold the mahogany decking board skin to the sub-frame. The ends now have a removable lightweight glass/Perspex service panel to allow maintenance for internal lighting

Internal lighting composed of two 12 volt, 18 watt halogen lamps connected to a rechargeable battery and solar panels.



The table top is octagonal with a wooden mahogany frame and varnished Japanese oak slats with satin finished teak inlay. The centre of the table has a light well made from lightweight glass/Perspex. The table top is fixed to the base with a stainless steel fixing plate which slides over a boss on the base; this is to make it easier to disassemble.


The seating is to facilitate two abreast across two benches. The benches are made from a stainless steel frame with extruded metal pins for the varnished Japanese oak slats; this is to allow for quick assembly and maintenance.

The benches slide into a stainless steel pole within the base and held into place with a grub screw, this method was chosen for its strength capabilities and for its quick assembly / disassembly time.


The parasol is of standard construction but with a few modifications and improvements. The main improvements being metal strips, bracket, bands and bolt’s added to the upper and lower struts, for improved strength and stability.

As for the modifications, a sprocket and chain pulley system design for raising and lowering, also an anchor pin was added for anchoring the parasol when open.

This revolutionary design facilitates a unique solar panel lighting system, to illuminate the table’s surroundings and surfaces for evening use.

This system is connected to the parasol and is controlled via a smartphone application; the solar panels are located on the parasols removable waterproof cover and are connected through the parasols upper and lower poles to a docking connecting plate in the base.

The lighting is fully adjustable using the (PPD SOLAR PARASOL APP) which gives the user unlimited control over the lighting intensity, duration and on/off.

Optional extras are, LED bulbs, combined with the application gives the user unlimited control over the colour of the lighting.

The solar parasol is a unique edition to any respectable garden, combined with the octagonal table and bench with its elegant but subtle satin finished teak inlay, gives any garden a sense of elegance.