The O2 project was part of a competition brief to enhance skills in graphic design and marketing strategies. The brief asked for the design of a new mobile phone and produce a marketing campaign to advertise the new product. The campaign was aimed at the linguistics side of the telecommunication technology market. The O2 phone has a built in language translator, this translates the given verbal input language, into any other language. The output translation is via the internal speaker or can be read from the screen. The technology is completely hands free. Also included is a high speed internet connection, Wi-Fi, MP3/4 player and a GPS tracer/location. I have to admit that the design is very poor and not a great attempt but this was just an exercise in advertising and producing graphic material. The concept matrix and the questionnaires did not help the design procedure at all.
                                                         O2 HISTORY
 Since it’s demerger from British Telecom on the 17th November 2001, O2 has become one of the major business successes of the 21st Century. While it was part of the BT family it was known as BT Cellnet which was formed in 1985. The knowledge and expertise brought into O2 from BT Cellnet ensured its success in the field of mobile telecommunications technology and broadband technology. On the 23rd January 2006 O2 was purchased by Telephonic of Spain and the company name was changed in March 2006 to Telephonic O2 Europe plc. The company has since gone from strength to strength in the world market (see Stock Market Share Price Comparison). Because of its strength in the global market, I considered O2 the best company to market a new product design.