The tourist information guide was designed to help tourists fined the nearest accommodation and places of interest in relation to there present location.

The Console was designed with the modern technology of touch sensitive screens fitted to each booth; the communication between each touch sensitive screen to the outside world is via the Wi-Fi system.

The technology is certainly available now for a multi-screen kiosk with internet links for Tourist Information. The software incorporated within the separate kiosk booths is minimal with the main search engine being accessed via a Wi-Fi link to a main frame computer located somewhere in the vicinity. The search engine will be limited to the accessible icons displayed on the Touch Sensitive screens. There will be no user input via any other means.

Booths are constructed in sets of two. A single set would accommodate an internal right angled corner, two sets would fit onto a flat wall, three sets would fit round an external right angled corner and a full compliment of four sets would be free standing in a concourse.