BIOGRAPHY                                                                                                  COMPANY                                                                                         

Iain Robert Shields was born in 1987 in Wigan.


I studied at the University of Bolton graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree with first class honours in product design 2010.
My main objective is to be a successful product designer  much like SeymourPowell who employ designers with a high degree of professionalism.

I would like to point out to all the followers of PPD LTD that I do have a disability (dyslexia). This could have been a disadvantage but it has been more of an advantage, in that, my artistic skills are more prevalent than my literary skills which helps me to perceive a design from a more eclectic standpoint.

Norman Heap Award      Montrose School                       2001 
Marian Gaskell Award     Wigan And Leigh College     2003
Marian Gaskell Award     Wigan And Leigh College     2004 
Films:- Red Dwarf, Pirater of the Caribbean, Avatar, 
             Collateral, The Island, The Core.             
Video Games:- Assassin's Creed 1 & 2, Xenosaga 2.
                            Prince of Persia, Star Ocean. 
Music:- Nightwish, Within Temptation, Tool, Iliketrains, 
              Linkin Park, Faithless, Thirty Seconds To Mars,
              Delain, Pink Floyd, Union Of Knives, Hurt.
Designing, Computers, Gardening, Photography,   
Conceptual Modelling.

Concept Design.     

Engineering Drawing.

Autodesk 3DS Max 2009.

SolidWorks 2009 - 2010

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Premier Product Design was founded in July 2010

by Iain Robert Shields CEO. 


Premier Product Design became a limited company on 6th December 2010.

Being a new company we use the most up to date design techniques including the use of modern CAD software packages which produce professional detailed drawings that can be utilised by your company to produce innovative consumer products.

Our fees are comparatively low compared to most other design companies because of the small size of the company and negligible overheads. Please feel free to refer to our retainer agreement page for a full breakdown of the present fees. 


When at all possible, all enquiries will be dealt with within 24 hours of the receipt of the initial enquiry. Promptness is our watchword.